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So Little, So Big

I never knew people were reading #APieceOfMyMind. I couldn’t write yesterday because, the day was bright and good.

I was supposed to write about my friends yesterday but I missed it. So please permit me to skip that. I couldn’t reach a conclusion with my mind.

Many people think that I am that geek or that techie and because of this I want to take you guys back to 2006 and talk about the people who laid the foundation of, and contributed to, my technology life.

Somehow, without them, I do not know what I would have been doing today.

I saw myself studying Computer Science because I couldn’t get Chemical Engineering. My idea about computing then was the routine six months road side computer training that several individuals were offering. So I had prepared my mind to just learn Microsoft office suites in school and play around campus the rest of the time. (I actually played around a little)

My assumptions were wrong because, not long after my first month in school, I was introduced to BASIC programming. I still felt dumb because I knew little or nothing about programming.

However, the game changer came after our second semester first year exam, a certain course mate of mine who was proficient in Q-BASIC challenged me to the fact that having a good GP and graduating top of the class makes no sense for a prospective Computer Science graduate without a proven knowledge of programming. I then took it upon myself to learn how to code just to prove to him that I could measure up at all fronts. (Funny reason. But that was exactly why I wrote my first line of Code)

The above is an excerpt from “Why I learnt how to code” story on TechCabal and it explains how I started programming. My friend Esther Itelima will say “I am copying code”

Most people will always ask how I learnt programming. My answer has always been, “I taught myself”. However, there are few persons who were very helpful and today’s article is for them.

Chioma Ukwuoma:

This is a lady I will always celebrate given the slightest opportunity. She gave me a lift and helped me find my way on the blue screen. Joining studies quite late, it was very difficult for me to find my foot. I saw her in class one day answering very question Mr Chike David (Our COM 101 lecturer) threw at us and I promised myself to go after her. Yes, Franc helped andshe became my friend.

She took me to a cyber café, bought time and space with her money, sat me down and taught me Microsoft word. As if that was not enough, she took me through the roads of algorithms and QBasic. She guided me as I wrote my first QBasic code and solved all 10 problems in our practical manual. Her friendliness and kindness was the beginning of my life as a techie. Today, she is married with a kid and I am still here single.

Okereke Chidinma Francis:

Francis today is a friend that has become a brother. He stood his ground and went against odds to see that I understand and learn how to use the computer. He was among the first set of people to own a desktop in my class and on daily basis will invite me over to his house to teach me how to couple and assemble a PC. in fact he taught me how to “click and right click the mouse”. He will allow me use his PC to practice my basic codes and never at any time threatened to shot me out.

Francis will buy textbooks on programming (VB 6.0, .Net and Java) and pass them over to me to read and learn. He provided all the software and apps I used through out our time in school. I never got to bother myself anytime he is around. He ended up serving as my Secretary when I was the president. He is today married and I am still single. Ok oh…

Uzoma Lucky Ifeanyi:

Lucky aka Yello grew through the ranks to become the pioneer of almost every major language in our set. I think this was possible because he lived in Lagos then. He pulled my legs, he strained me and every other time, he challenged me. Again, Lucky is married with kids and Dimgba is still single. Na wa o..

Prince Benjamin:

If there is any body I owe all thanks for my expertise today, it is my oga Prince Benjamin aka Big Ben. I served as his Director of Information in 2007 when he was the president.

Big Ben was for me the best developer I met with while in school. He wrote the best codes and had more experience than others. Being tutored by him was the best thing that happened to my coding career. Sometimes, he bullied me to right the codes in best standards. When he was graduating, he let me have his codes. Big Ben was my Open source then. What do you wan to hear again? Ok.. Big Ben is married and his boy is still single.  Bye

Ralph Mbadinju, Jonah Edward and Simon Uchenna all did the same thing for me. They gave me access to their PCs. I used Ralph’s PC to learn HTML and CSS. Uchenna’s PC was used to learn Excel, Power Point and Publisher while Jonah’s PC was almost like mine. I used it to write all manner of Visual Basic codes. I used their fuels, sometimes I spoil their PCs, they will repair it and let me continue using it.

You guys provided me with the opportunity I was looking for and got me to the level I am today

Sometimes we do not know how much influence we have on people, the little things we do everyday weather good or bad go a long way impacting on them.

There are so many other people who did contribute to the journey but space and time will not allow me mention them but to all Computer Science 2010 set, I say thank you.

I am sure one day I will write about my journey in programming.