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My family, my pillar of strength

This is the second of the seven article series leading to my birthday #APieceOfMyMind

When Funmi Olubanki wrote about “Putting Family First” , I wondered if she had picked up that article from my mind. I completely agreed with her. Family is key; it is an indispensable part of our existence.

Being the first out of three, I cannot dispute the importance of family. My Dad and sisters have made it impossible to do so.

They mean the world  to me because I know that I can always rely on them. No matter what happens in my life or whatever challenge I face, I know that I always have a solid support system to lean on.

I have acquired much knowledge from my family. They are important to me because they taught me how to get along with all kinds of people. My siblings and parents are so different from each other that it seems as if I am always learning something new about each one of them.

Having such a wide range of personalities also allows for various conflicts within our household. Because of my family, I have learned to deal with conflict and manage problems effectively.


My family was the single most important influence during my childhood. From the very first moments of my life as a child, I depended on my parents to protect me and provide for my needs. My dad, mum and siblings formed my first relationships.  They were my first teachers, they taught me how to act and experience the world around me.

They nurtured me during my early years; my dad particularly played an important role in making sure I was ready to learn when I got into school.  He made me thrive by actively promoting my positive growth and development.

I can remember in my early school days, dad will always wake me at mid night to read, he will ask me to either gaze at the book or read it. That culture has never left me.

He let me express my creativity and never stopped me from exploiting opportunities. He guided me through childhood, became a mentor to me at adolescence and today he is my Friend.

He canes me when I err and sometimes when I make innocent mistakes. He never spared the rod.

My dad loves me, I know it, I have seen it, and he has shown it. I also do love him. I am the son of his youth, his first born child. Mum said he leaped in joy when he first held me in his arms. He taught me the ways of the Lord. Many times I have hurt him yet our bond remains.


My sisters, Comfort and Joy are the best gifts any mother can give her son. They stood by me in the days of trouble and they believed in my dreams. Growing up, they were my best companions.

I can remember when Joy my last sister was born, at that tender age I ditched church because I wanted to see my baby sister. The memory still rings clear. I remember sitting by my mum so I can always get a glimpse of her.

When programming and coding took over me, they understood and never bothered me. They took charge of my laundry, did my share of the house chores, prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. They tore and soiled my cloth when they felt they were not good for me and made sure I looked good all times.

They stood by me at all times, embraced me with love even when I was misbehaving.  I am always proud to walk the streets with them. I miss their company.

Comfort and Joy, I love you. I know you love me even more than I do.  Am also certain you will love my wife when she comes.


Family is an unbreakable bond and they are the people who accepts you for who you are, who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. Family is one and only place where your life begins and love never ends. You may have lots of people in your life, but you won’t find a single person who cares the most like your family. Some of you may not agree with me, but this is the truth and one day many will realize.

In all Family contributed to my achievements, stayed with me at every situation and celebrated my happiness.

You may have lots of friends or relations or office mates. They will definitely be with you in your happy times or in your successful endeavours (Some are exceptional, I will write about them tomorrow). But, your parents and siblings are the only ones who will most likely stay with you in your hard and difficult times.

To Dad, Comfort and Joy, I want to appreciate all your love for this past years. Thank you


N:B Just in case you are wondering what happened to  my mum and why she is missing in this article, I wrote about her yesterday. She is late.


  • Aijay

    Family is always a bedrock, their role in moulding a persons view towards live cannot be over emphasised. I hope your family is half as amazing as you are

    • Like I had written, family is every child’s first knowledge factory. They teach you the first things you learn in life. I do believe that ones character is mounded by the attitude of the people around him and this is why breeding a healthy family with godly characters and on the foundation of Christ is important. ‘What goes into us is very important”.

      Meanwhile, my family is definitely more amazing than I am. Thank you

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