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It is my birthday and I am really grateful

Today is my birthday. I was thinking of what to write, I couldn’t think of anything more than being grateful to God. It is another #APieceOfMyMind. There is an excitement in my heart. Joy overflows in heart

Though the days have been challenging lately but looking back I have reasons to be grateful to God. He knows my name, he knows my every thought, he sees each tears that drops from my eyes and hears me when I call. He is my father. There are more unsaid words in my heart. I am short of expression.


I am grateful to God, who have led me from my first day on earth till this day. I am grateful for all the things he has done for me. He is faithful and merciful. All my sins he forgave. I am grateful

I am grateful to God for the gift of Family. For a mother who had always been the first to wish me Happy Birthday until she departed. Every night she prayed for me. For a father that sacrificed his comfort and convenience for my education. And for siblings that have been worthy companions for years long. I am grateful

I am grateful to God for my health. For preserving and making me survive the turbulent days of my childhood when sickness wanted to enslave me. For making me stay free of the degenerative diseases that affect more than 45 million people worldwide. For keeping me safe and making me stay strong. I am grateful

I am grateful to God for the gift of friendship. For friends who stayed with me in the days of my adversaries. For friends who rejoiced and celebrated with me in good times. For friends who chastised me when I go wrong, you make me better. I am grateful


God you are the reason why I lift my hands, Why I lift my voice Why I sing too you God, you are the reason am alive today I am here to sing Its all because of you GOD #IAmGrateful

I am grateful to God for a successful career thus far. For giving me a strong footing when my mates are still trying to get a job. For building the right network of colleagues and people around me. For making leap to heights unimaginable. I am grateful

I am grateful to God for who I am. For the future I dream of. For the people he wants to reach through me. For the impact I want to make. I am grateful

I am grateful to God for the woman who will become my wife. Because her virtue is a fountain of blessing and wealth. I am grateful to God for my unborn children because they will be source of joy and happiness. I am grateful

I am grateful to God for the things he has done. For the things is doing. For the things he will do. And for whom I will become. I am grateful

  • Aijay

    Happy birthday Dim. God’s blessings 2day and always

  • Habeeb

    Greatness awaits you bro. HBD, God’s blessings on your life

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