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Doing it the first time. Welcome to

What was it like, when you wanted to do something for the very first time? The desire to get it done well, to impress, to make a hit sometimes if not most times overrides the quality of result we produce.

The point is, we all are victims of “the first impression” syndrome and that includes me now trying to write my first official blog post. The fact that am doing this in 2014 makes it more weary and nervous.

Have you ever been late to a meeting? For Nigerians, it is an obvious and emphatic YES. In the first minutes of our arrival, we try to get ourselves together so we can have a complete feeling of what is happening. That is exactly how I feel now specifically for the fact that so much has been done in the blog sphere and in the tech community where I belong.

Here I am. Finally have come to blog even when I thought I will not. But trends and developments have changed that perception. But truth remains that I love writing and engaging people in profitable discussions. When I was a child, I could write about anything, discuss anything and by all means drag my friends into arguments. We learnt lessons from those stunts and seriously, I miss those moments

Setting out to become a player in the IT sphere, I see blogging as an indispensable attitude and a way of life not just to discussing technology but every other side of life that affects our existence as human. Though I am finding it difficult to put words together, so I can come out with something, I must confess that this is enjoyable and if consistently done, will go a long way to communicate my mind and things happening around me.

My name is Dimgba Kalu, a graduate of Computer Science.  I am an internet and technology entrepreneur, an ardent lover of codes. Interested in UI/UX, mobile technology, startups and technology for development.

Currently, I am the lead developer of (A country specific information portal) and founder of (African based technology news aggregate). I have also worked as a web and software developer for CADS Consulting Ltd, Aba

This is my blog and I look forward to share what I do, how I do them, and lessons learned from them.

In case you want me, you can catch me on twitter @dkdimgba

  • David Ejeagba

    I am proud of you bro. I can’t forget that wonderful software you programmed for CHILDFEST.
    I am searching for a good web designer.

    • Dimgba Kalu

      Good day Mr David, The ChildFest Software was ground breaking and am happy to see it helped your organisation. The search for a web designer depends on your location. I will be able to make a recommendation if your location is Lagos, Abuja, Port harcourt or Aba. Please keep coming here for more thoughts

    • Sure we can build a website for you! Reach us on 07037770033

      @ DKDimgba, bro I cut cap for you. Your alma mater {ES} is proud of you. Looking forward to a meeting you once again. 🙂

      • @Dav Thank you. I want to do more any time I see your work with audacity.

  • Uzochukwu Ubani.

    Your post is very inspiring and encouraging , keep up with the good work bro and you never can tell, the sky might be your starting point cuz you will soar higher by Gods grace.

    • Uzochukwu Ubani thank you. More of my heart felt thoughts will be shared. I believe they will go a long way to inspire and challenge more people

  • Tu si greto!

  • Onwubiko Ozioma Promise

    Nice one Dimgba. Your stuffs always stand out, dis one won’t be an exemption. More grace!

    • Ozioma. Thank you plenty. We will work hard to make this worth the time

  • Nnaemeka Duru

    Nice one DKD. You really stood out back in the days. its time for Evangel Seminary Students ’04 to be heard. Praying for more grace. Bravo brother

    • Nnaemeka Jude, without folks like you the story of ’04 Evangel Seminary Students won’t be complete. Thanks for taking your time to read my first post. We do not have an option if not to keep the flag flying high and higher

  • I am very proud of you. Kudos.

    • Esther, thank you, You follow make me do this.

  • ogechi ugorji

    Nice one. I believe Abia State polytechnic is proud of you.

  • Ij Cee

    Keep on keeping on. Proud of ya

  • JohnANENE

    Sir. Dim blogging…
    Waoh! This is astonishing,
    Like serious, One of the Techieprenuers pace-setters in NACOSS South East now blogging, trust you have not left hardcore coding… hahahahahah! Anyway Thumbs up! always on track.

    • Hi John, at least you would noticed I mentioned my love for coding. Am still coding, will still code and encourage people to learn code.

      Like I said, the blog is for me to relate my thoughts on what I do, how I do them and the lessons learnt.

      If you want to communicate well, then BLOG

  • omendo chinedu

    Mr. Lolu Omosun and we @ CADs are proud of u

    • @Chinedu thanks so much. My love goes out to Engr Lolu and the entire CADS team. I felf bad not getting to showup at th eoffice while in Aba. The schedule was very bad and I had to run back for obvious reasons

  • Prince Michael

    Well done D. Let the world hear you.

  • Chika Frank Ugwuzor

    Great job my bro,I know u will go places in any field u find urself. The earth won’t pass without ur name mentioned in the technology world. Kudos!